Riverdale Character Aesthetics

By Probablyancientbeauty

“What is the chock’lit shop? And, why does it sell burgers?”

I overally enjoy Riverdale and I’m sure many of you do too!
So in this article I’m bringing you aesthetics from the following characters: Betty, Jughead, Archie, Veronica and Cheryl. If you would like me to do a Riverdale parents edition please send me a postcard!

⌇ Article idea from: @cupidfied

✑ Betty

hair, girl, and style image fashion, pink, and outfit image

High ponytails and soft pink sweaters...

flowers, coffee, and school image

...Studies / pastel environment...

pink, drink, and milkshake image chanel, pink, and lipgloss image

...Pink milkshakes and lipgloss...

fashion, outfit, and style image

...With denim jeans to top it all off.
⟝ ⟞
Pink: Is her aesthetic and it also shows the soft, loving girl she is!

✑ Jughead

riverdale and boys image aesthetic, girly, and nails image

Beanie / hats and laptops...

neon, red, and quotes image

...Minimal lighting...

theme, grunge, and aesthetic image shadow, black&white, and corner image

...Random “junk” and dark rooms...

converse, shoes, and black image

... Black converses.
⟝ ⟞
Dark: Dark colours is his theme but don’t let that confuse your dreams, as he is not the bad one, rethink again.

✑ Archie

converse, shoes, and red image aesthetics, alternative, and fashion image

Red / Maroon converses and guitars...

american football, NFL, and sport image autumn, fall, and leaves image

... Footballs and adventures.
⟝ ⟞
Orange: The roughly the colour of his hair and it is also a reminder of heat for hot.

✑ Veronica

aesthetic, art, and glitter image pearls, necklace, and pink image

Purple lips and pearls...

nails, purple, and glitter image

... Purple nails....

Image by Roumaissa El Gharbi hair, hairstyle, and black image

...Heels and black straight hair.
⟝ ⟞
Purple: This colour represents her loyalty, luxury and independence.

✑ Cheryl

beautiful, cherry, and delicious image rose, red, and neon image

Cherries and red neon signs...

red, girl, and lips image

...Red lips...

rose, red, and flowers image Abusive image

...Roses and Fire!
⟝ ⟞
Red: I chose red for Cheryl for the fire in her beauty.

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