When it's the end of the night and I'm all cozy under my pile of fleece blankets,

getting ready to doze off, the last thing I want is to get back up to do my night routine.

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Sometimes I'll let my fatigue get the best of me and I'll just fall asleep, and wake up to find that once again yesterday's glow-up has quickly become this morning's fix-up.


Especially in the winter, this will leave my skin feeling dry, patchy and generally a little rough for the rest of that day.

Usually I'd just remove what's smudged and not give it another thought...

But, today got me thinking...

What actually happens to your skin overnight when you leave on foundation, powders and other types of eye makeup?

Read on to find out how taking off your makeup can improve your skin, and later I'll give some tips on the best ways to remove your makeup.

Wondering why you've been breaking out more recently?

If you leave your makeup on overnight sometimes like I do, or only remove your eye makeup which I'm definitely guilty of from time to time, one of the causes could be your foundation.

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The skin repairs itself when you sleep, which fights off irritation, breakouts and signs of aging like wrinkles and rough spots.

But if you leave on face makeup overnight, this time that's normally used to heal your skin could actually do more harm than good.

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Tip: If you have more sensitive skin, changing out your pillow case frequently/sleeping with a clean towel on your pillow could also help prevent breakouts.

Keep your eye on other kinds of makeup too:

Noticed your lashes shedding recently?

Leaving mascara on overnight can weaken existing lashes and contribute to losing gaps of lashes.

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Recently I've noticed I've been having this problem and it didn't occur to me that this could be the reason until I was researching for this article!

I'll start to work more mascaras and foundations back into my routine when my skin improves a bit,

But because of these recent issues, I've actually been trying to go makeup free when I can, usually a couple of days each week.

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My skin still isn't perfect, but some of the problems I've been having with dryness/breakouts/lashes have been improving.

What about lipstick?

Skin experts recommend that you remove any lipstick or gloss before bed, even if most of it has come off over the course of the day.

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Adding a balm, especially with the winter months ahead, is always a great way to keep things in check.

Another way to combat chapped lips is to stay hydrated by drinking water or eating foods with high water content -

Hydration doesn't just give you glowing skin, though: It also helps with fewer headaches, increased focus, and more energy.

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I actually wrote an article about it a while back if you want to explore the topic in further detail:

What's the best way to remove makeup?

If you're looking to go the most natural route, coconut oil is known to be a great way to remove your eye makeup gently.

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It protects your lashes and doesn't use any chemicals, so its gentle on the under eye area too, which is a definite plus.

Wipes supposedly aren't great for sensitive areas like around the eyes, it turns out they're actually best for removing face makeup.

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But removing your eye makeup with a wipe is still better than not removing it at all!

If you think you might forget,

Put a sticky note - or a couple hundred, whatever it takes - in a place you usually look before bed, like a bedside table, in your planner, or on your bathroom mirror.

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Or if you really don't trust yourself to get out of bed to do your night routine, you could bring the wipes right to your bedside table so you don't even have to get up to get it done.

One night of leaving your makeup on won't cause any lasting damage, but if it turns into a habit, it could start to effect your skin in the long term.

My personal goal is to take off any makeup/cleanse my face every night for a month.

If you struggle with this as well, see if you can start by doing it for just this week, then move on to the next one, and see if you can make it the whole month.

It takes every person slightly different amounts of time to form a habit, but a month is a great place to start!

Thank you for reading and let me know what health/beauty topic you want to see next!

- Natasha