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Have you ever walked in the street and notice a girl who looked awesome with just a white t-shirt and jeans on? And maybe find yourself asking 'Wtf, why would I look sloppy if I were wear those clothes?'

Don't worry, I have some tips for you for always look good, even if you're wearing a hoodie.

  • make sure your hair always look well-groomed
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Yes, hair is the first thing that people noticed of us. Unguarded hair gives a messy figure of us. Take care washing it 3 times a week and using right products. Do a hair mask like 2 times a week in case it's dameged or exhausted.
  • wear a hat if you're having a bad day hair
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It will help you to look more put together.
  • jewelry
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Details guys, details are everything. I've got a sort of a rule when it comes about necklaces and rings. If you wear more than one necklace, you don't need to wear too much rings. It's too much and it's not classy. But if you wear just one necklace then you can put on some cute and amazing rings. It's all a matter of balance.
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earrings? less is more.
  • wear a watch
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Trust me, watch is classy. It makes you look like you're a busy girl/woman, and it's cute.
  • belt
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If you want to wear a jeans, don't forget to wear also a belt. An extra classy touch. I recommend Gucci. ;)
  • make sure your clothes are winkle free
  • wear classy shoes
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Shoes, boots, sneakers. All you want but only black or white. They look more put together.
  • wear a jacket or coat
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What is more classy and put together than a coat or a nice jacket? Guess nothing.

We arrived at the end. I hope I have given you useful advice or that you at least have a good time reading them.

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