welcome to my article on how to take good notes! in this article, I'll be going through how I take my notes by breaking it down into three parts: content of notes, appearance of notes, utensils I use to take my notes. I hope you enjoy and check out some of my collections!

now onto the article!


When taking notes, it is important not to over-write.

If you over-writing when studying you will be wasting your time studying trivial things.

Here are good ways to know if what you should be writing:

1. Make sure the information is relevant an important

  • Key words/phrases and topics that are central to the topic are worth writing
  • Also proper nouns(names, places, etc.) dates, definitions and theories are ALWAYS IMPORTANT

2. Prioritize Information

  • If you already know something don't write it down.
  • When studying new information should always be put first because that is what you need to absorb
  • Don't waste your time studying things you already knew

3. Identify the "main idea"

  • Once you identify the main idea, branching off and discovering what is important will become easier
  • Try mapping out the information starting with the main idea, then the subtopic and pick key details
  • Pick details that are relevant and aren't random


study, notes, and school image blue, school, and study image

Your notes should look appealing and pretty to you or else you wouldn't wan too study them.

Embellish them! Decorate them! Add stickers and drawings and charts to accessorize them.

Here are some of my favorite ways to embellish my notes:

  • Add washi tape! There are millions of different designs you can find on washi tape from succulents to kittens to plain old patterns
  • Use different colored pens and markers
  • Add pictures you find. I tend to cut out some pictures in magazines to add to my notes because they match the color scheme or something else.
  • Try using different fonts for different things. Pick fonts for major titles, subtitles, definitions, etc.
  • Add doodles in empty space


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1. Paper

I usually write my notes on dotted paper but other paper you can write them on is graph paper, plain computer paper or looseleaf.

I like writing on dot paper because the dots are my guidelines but when I'm done writing it doesn't look like they're there so my notes look clean and crisp

2. Pens

Here are my favorite pens to write with:

  • Staedtler .03 fineliners
  • pilot juice 0.38
  • pigma micron pens in various tips (i tend to use the 1.0 for my titles and then the 0.2 or 0.3 for my notes)

3. Markers

  • COPIC markers
  • Tombow dual brush
  • Milliner Higlighters

That's it! I hope you enjoyed and if you have any questions on anything specific like what brands of washi tape i like or how i layout my notes and pic color schemes, message me! Thanks for reading ♡