He was handsome. He wasn't selfish, he wasn't arrogant. Kind heart and care taking behavior. These are the words to describe him. I mean, these were the words to describe him.
He never greeted me. He thought I was ignoring him, but little did he know that he was my first love. Yeah, I liked him. I liked him since childhood.
But then...I stopped. There was no chance he would like me back.
I remember always looking out of the window to see him coming back home. Nobody ever knew about my feelings. Even my best friends
I want to tell him...I really want to tell him now. I want to tell him that he was with whom I fell in love for the first time. But what an irony. It's too late...
You won't ever listen. Or maybe you can see me from there, maybe you can read my thoughts, maybe...
I just want to tell you...
You were my first love, my first crush, my first admiration.

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