Hello guys, the theme of today is the inspiration and I want to write about this because I was suffer of this for almost a week, I like to draw and write but these days I have the ideas but just don’t feel motivated to do it, don’t know what write and I know I’m not the only one that suffer about this so here I put things that help me when I don’t have inspiration and I hope help you to.

We heart it.

I don’t joke this page is incredible when you don’t have inspiration, you can write things or search collections about whatever that make you happy, or about the things that you want to do like read some articles, clean rooms, and boards something like that.

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Favorite Playlist.

Songs are incredibly with this type of things, listening happy songs, with a good beat, here I put some playlist that make me feel happy and relax and with motivation to write and draw.



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Your favorite place

Think about what is your favorite place in the house, maybe the sofa, your bed, your desk or even it is outside trying to be there with your materials, your headphones and you can feel how to inspiration come to you.

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All of us are different don’t force yourself do the things maybe you need a break before you start again with write or draw or whatever you want to do, so be patient.

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Remember why you do this.

Sometimes we do the things for a long time and start to forget why started to do it, why love to do it and this make us feel without inspiration or even motivation to continue so try to remember and put it somewhere that you can see constantly.

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And that’s it for today I hope you liked and most important help you, thanks for all the love that you give me.

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Xoxo ZullyDy.