*My* *dear* *coffee*:

book, coffee, and winter image

HEI!! This is about holy Coffee💛.I love coffee :
-💕taste of coffee
-💕different flavor (chocolate and caramel or vanilla are my favorite)
-💕the warm that gives when it.s drink in the morning
-💕the time spend at coffee:
💭This time is when my mind is full of thoughts about everything.. and start with:
-What is the weather?🌤
-What I choose to dress today?👗
-What I have to do today?📆
finish with:
-Why I don.t trust anybody?💭
-Why I.m in the way I am?👤
It's about this Coffee helps me to recharge my battery and start a new day , helps to see din problems and meditating on them.

Image by >deede<

My favorite type is.. Cappucino☕️!!
Enjoy your coffee gays!!😘💛