I have been kinda MIA on WHI lately, and I want to first apologize for that. School started back up and my life had to alter to that schedule. Also, I have been just living my life, and mentally just giving myself a break because school stresses me out and I need breaks.

Okay, let's start this article.

What inspired this article was my homecoming pictures from last year compared to this years. The cover photo is a picture from this year. This year, I went with friends and wore a dress so far out of my comfort zone, and I loved it.

Last year, I went with my ex-boyfriend who I wrote an article called "How I Moved On From Them: An Advice Article" about. I was not as confident or happy back then because I was constantly competing with him grades wise. He is extremely smart, and I was just trying to keep up. Our relationship was great, but I should have been more focused on myself. Last year, I stayed so much in my comfort zone it was crazy. I always did.

Since then, I changed so much. When he broke up with me, I realized that he was my comfort zone. It was good for me to move on. That dress I wore was my comfort zone. Not raising my hand in class was my comfort zone. I have been working so much on stepping out of that zone to make myself happy.

Change is okay. It will make people stare, and that is also okay. Wearing a new outfit, or talking to a new boy/girl, or ordering something new at Taco Bell can really broaden your horizons.

Mentally, I was just stuck in my ways and not living life. Life is so crazy and there is so much you can do. Do not become stuck in your ways. When my mentality was "If i stay the same, everything will" it caused me to never want to try everything new. I was not maturing or trying to make myself happier. I was focused on making others happy and that is really it.

Self love is not selfish.

When someone tells me that I have changed, I thank them. I keep my head held high and I live my best life. I give myself breaks so I do not stress myself out too much.

I am in mock trial. I have a part. I am a witness. The Emily last year would never do that, her anxiety was too strong. I raise my hand in class. I have been getting better grades. I get 8 hours of sleep a night. I am working out for track. I am prioritizing.

Change, live happily, do new things (of course make sure those new things will not hurt you in the long run).

And just remember that you should always focus on you, this is your life.