Hello and welcome to another self love article!

In this article I will show you some things you can do when you're faced with negative emotions, it can be negative thoughs, a bad situation... If you are dealing with any kind of negativity yourself.


Reflect about it

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Think about the situation. Is it worth being so down about it? What can you do to make it better? What can you learn from it? Instead of putting yourself down, reflect about it and try to understand why you feel that negativity and how can you turn it into something positive.

Talk to someone

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Talk about it. Turn to a friend, a relative, a loved one... The people who really love you won't hesitate to be there for you and support you, and talking about what's bothering you will make you feel much better than if you keep it to yourself.

Listen to happy songs

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Put on some music, dance! But be careful, don't rely on sad songs when you're dealing with very negative emotions, they might be relatable but won't make you feel much better. Listen to happy up lifting songs that will put a smile on your face and make you dance instead.

Pet your animals

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You love them, they love you, and they are the cuttest thing ever, right? Whenever your feeling down, cuddle your dogs, cats, pet your animals and give them love. They will give you love back and make you feel so happy to have them with you.

Do something for yourself

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Treat yourself, buy yourself flowers or something you like, go grab some coffee or delicious treats. Doing a little something for yourself is perfect to boost your mood and never hurt nobody! You deserve it.


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Reading will calm you down, get your mind off the negativity you might be feeling and transport you to amazing new worlds. Plus, it expands your knowledge and vocabulary. Just sit down comfortably, grab a good book and have a nice time.

Do something you like

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Do something you enjoy that never fails to make you happy. It can be singing, dancing, paiting, cooking, writing... What do you love to do? Answer this question and whatever comes to your mind, do it!

Remember it's going to be ok

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Last but definitely not least, remember this: it's going to be ok! No matter how much negativity you might be feeling right now, the pain won't last forever and you are strong enough to survive it. Don't stress too much over it, in the end it's going to be alright. Keep going, you can go through anything.

I hope this article helped you and make you feel better if you're dealing with negativity.

Thank you for reading.

~ mags (@loveinbrooklyn)

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