I just wanted to introduce myself and let you know a little bit about myself.

australia, three sisters, and blue sky image
I live in Australia.
autumn, fall, and leaves image
Autumn is by far my favourite season.
flowers, sunflower, and yellow image
Flowers are my all time favourite thing in the world.
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Peach is my favourite colour.
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I am in love with home decor and I am constantly dreaming about what I want my future house to look like.
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My favourite date spot would be, a picnic at a waterfall.
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Reading is my favourite thing to do on a rainy day.
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Tea and coffee, are my go to when starting my day.
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Fashion is my obsession.
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I collect socks, I think they are so fun. The more outrageous the better.
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I always feel at peace when I am at the beach.

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