Hi guys! Two days ago, Ani (@officialani), started a challenge with the purpose of motivating people to write about what inspires us... so here I go.

What are the things that make me most happy?

Playing music, reading, writing, studying and learning, dancing, being with my friends (taking coffee with them, reading, laughing, talking), watching the beautiful things of the world (just sitting observing the sky on a summer day, or a field, or the stars, or a sunrise, or the woods), kissing a boy, feeling free, baking, taking hot coffee in a cold morning, eating in some classy restaurant or just eating something that my mom made, lie down in bed after a tired long day, pretending I'm a mermaid during my swimming classes, running in the beach at a sunset... and I could continue and continue. There are so many thing in life that makes me happy.

What does being inspired feel for me?

I really don't know how to express this correctly... there are some days, where you just wake up and are like: 'Shit, I hate life, don't wanna study, don't know what to eat, don't wanna open the window or raise the curtain, don't want to go to classes...'. C'mon, we all have days like that... But there are other days, where you get up not tired, open the window and smell some fresh air, you make your bed and take a shower, you make some healthy breakfast, study or work good, and even if there was a problem you're like 'Nah, don't care about that. My life is so more important than this little piece of sh*t'. (hahahaha sorry 'bout bad language but I know we all think those kind of things).
Those days where everything goes fine, and you have the energy to do things... those days are the 'inspired ones' XD.

What is the place that inspires me most?

Ufff, a difficult one. As I said before, I think inspiration comes from inside, but of course there can be places that help you out a little. I feel inspired in my music school (all that people saying that you are good in what you do and actually are outside your classroom so they can hear you... that inspires me a LOT), I feel inspired in a rooftop sincerly (I'm a romantic, what can I say), I feel inspired in the woods, or in the beach... I don't know, but principally inspiration comes to me when I'm in the present... and just comes as a flash of something: an idea, a phrase that I remembered, a sudden thought, the illumination to do things lol, etc, etc.

What is the activity that inspires me the most?

Again, inspiration comes suddenly and you just know you have to do something in the right moment. If you have an idea to write, the moment will come when the words come inmediatly to your mind. If you saw a girl in the street, maybe you got that inspiration that you needed for a drawing of a girl. If you saw a flower in the park, maybe you got the inspiration to take a photo of it.
So, I say that there is not an activity that inspires me the most, because inspiration comes one day for one activity, and another day for other thing. That is life.

What inspires me most on WHI?

Ok, this is a question that I can answer easily :D
I love photography, and that was the thing that inspired me the most on WHI. In other social media there are lots of images that don't have a purpose, and here everything has a function. I think that is one of the reasons for collections and channels. Because I love photography, I love all the types of photography that are on WHI. The angles, the themes of the images... that was the thing in WHI until... Articles!!
I love writing since I'm little. I won some competitions in school even, but that's not the point. The thing is that there are lots of things that people write about that are so inspiring. And, I'm trying to do that too.
I think different people have different ideas and neccesities about inspiration, that's why I don't have a specific theme in my account.

Soooo, this is it. Hope you like it :)
Today I was feeling inspired so I wrote this XD.

Nice day loves!! Or good night, wherever you are in this world.

With love for the community, Aisha.