There are so many beautiful places on Earth,
yes, the planet where we were given birth.
You may not see it,
But it is a hit.

So take a place called Santorini,
the best place for a cute bikini.
An island covered in white and blue,
the memories here will never leave you.

Now let's take a boat back to Crete,
then go to the south-coast and eat.
Go somewhere unique like Balos Beach,
Where your happiness is out of reach.

I want to go to Amalfi Coast,
and just have so much fun I can boast.
We can go to Duomo in town,
Then drive down to the beach to cool down.

Pass Milan and Gap then stop at Marseille,
The streets are unique even if seem stray.
My hometown is so beautiful it will leave you scarred,
and you make sure you stop by Notre-Dame de la Garde.

I want to go back to Paris,
stop by the tower to cherish.
Go and waste most of my time at Disneyland,
waste so much time there I might even get banned.

Stop at Saint Tropez village for a shopping trip,
then go to the beach for a tan and a quick dip.
Relax in your suite for hours,
treat yo self and by some flowers.

Fly to another great city of mine, Kiev,
get to caves monastery by catching the train.
Stroll around the best of Kiev’s cute parks,
stop by a tree and carve my name in bark.

That’s where I’ll go in Europe
Nothing really rhymes with that so see you later.