Growing up is a part of life. The nice thing tho, is that we get to decide when to grow up. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't. They stay in the same bubble all their lives. Very unfortunate, right? Wrong. As a child, I had no choice but to grow up at an early stage. And I don't mean the process of growing older which happens whether you like it or not, I mean actually growing mentally. Growing up with an alcoholic dad speeds up that process. Not to mention a very distracted mother who would rather sit behind her phone all day speaking to her friends. My nanny Naima was great tho. Now, I don't want to make my parents look bad because they've always provided for me, they just never really helped me grow. My mom and I are very close now, I couldn't imagine my life without her, my dad on the other side, is a dick. I live away from my parents yet I speak to my mom every day. I haven't spoken to my father in 5 months. There's many reasons as to why, but that's for another article. Now where am I going with this story? Ah yes, the wonderful process of growing up. Why is it that so many people always stay the same? Is it because they feel comfortable with who they are and where they're at or because they're scared of finding out they're not who they have been pretending all this time? Over the past years, i am proud to say I have evolved of being a young immature girl to the lady I am today. I might not be perfect, but atleast I'm changing for the better. i hope you are too.