''Things isn't always easy'' my mom told me, as I stubborn told her I wasn't going to school the next day. I remember turning my back to her in a very passive aggressive way, so she would know, that I wasn't pleased by the turn of events.

I've never really been any good at opening stuff.
Mails from my boss
Unopened jars of jam
Or just myself.

Whether it's a jar of jam or simply myself, it takes a loth of strength. You might think you've cracked the code, that you're finally not insecure or doubting yourself anymore, until someone by mistake come and rotate the lid of the jar the wrong way and you're back where you started.

And it's not like I don't aim to be a self-loving, confident and optimistic human being, I desire to be that person, and I know it's deep inside of me, if I could just open up. The world could after all use the treat I've been holding in lately (me, hehe)

I am a fine piece of work. But it's that sort of work I'm willing to do for free.