Some of these I have searched for and some I have thought of.

1) Your family

2) Your favorite restaurant

3) Your favorite TV Shows newest season

4) A hot bath

5) A holiday

6) Your favorite icecream

7) Your favorite sweater

8) The feeling you get when you achieve something

9) A fire in your backyard at night during the summer

10) Listening to rain as you fall asleep

11) A new hair style

12) Buying a new book and not being able to put it down

13) Listening to your favorite Artists new album

14) The package you’ve been waiting for finally arriving

15) A fast food run when you’re really craving it

16) Buying new clothes

17) Burning your favorite scented candle

18) Cuddling with the one you love

19) Road trips

20) The way sunlight shines through trees

21) The smell of breakfast cooking

22) Finding money you forgot about

23) Spoiling yourself

24) Having the day off work

25) Seeing flowers bloom

26) Scrolling through WHI and seeing pictures that inspire you

27) Watching the sun rise

28) Leaving the windows open all day

29) Pay day

30) Going to a new restaurant

31) Waking up feeling great

32) Naps with your one and only

33) A long walk in a beautiful park

34) Making a new life long friend

35) Truly, genuinely and completely not caring what other people think

36) Being happy with how far you've come

37) Being complimented

38) When someone surprises you with your favorite thing

39) The smell of fresh air after having been in an office all day

40) Going to the beach

41) Buying new makeup

42) Having a home cooked meal

43) Visiting family

44) The day you decide to live your life for yourself, and only yourself

45) Getting a new tattoo

46) Facing a fear

47) Having more positive people in your life

48) Swimming

49) New Car

50) The fact that you can start again tomorrow