hello! so apparently this is a thing now and i'm quite hyped to check it out. i probably won't write these a lot this is just a test-run in all honesty but for my first article i thought i would share some of the many songs that help me cheer up if i'm ever sad.

i've been going through a teensy bit of a rough patch (hence why i haven't been on here often) and these have helped a lot!

(also just a note i'm not spell-checking this because of my sheer laziness so sorry if everything is wrong. (and yes the lowercase is on purpose i don't want this to seem too formal lol.))

so without further a do (or is it further-a-do idk), here are my happy songs:

soft gentle nice songs:
- here comes the sun - the beatles
- tough guy - cyberbully mom club
- la vie en rose - daniela andrade
- it's hard to get around the wind - alex turner

songs that make me gently bop my head:
- let's dance to joy division - the wombats
- weirdo - rozwell kid
- angel in the snow - joyce manor
- television / so far so good - rex orange county
- mardy bum - arctic monkeys (i need to stop listening to this on repeat lol)
- lose it - swmrs
- 24 hours - knox fortune

idk why these songs make me happy but they do for all sorts of reasons. so yeah i know i have a bit of a roller coaster of a music taste but hopefully if you got this far you'll at least like some of the songs on here. i probably won't end up making another one of these so treat it as a national treasure lol.

so yeah that's it