I think I should start this article by warning you I am a huge geek. I love super heroes, Harry Potter, supernatural b*llshit, and so on... I do, I couldn't live without watching movies, tv series and reading books, I can't even imagine living in a world where I wouldn't be able to do all that.
So, because of that, I thought I could write something like this, a little article where I would tell you all about my favourite tv shows (or at least some of them, If I'm going to be honest, I watch too many and I love them all - Yes, I know what you're thinking and yes, you are totally right, I do have a problem). Anyways, without further ado, I shall start:

How to Get Away With Murder

htgawm image away, Get, and how image annalise, viola davis, and htgawm image coliver and htgawm image
I had to start with this one. This is one of the best shows ever created, it's perfectly written, it has an amazing cast and a well measured quantity of suspense, comedy and drama. So, this tv show is about a lawyer, who is also a college teacher, named Annalise Keating (she is such a complex and incredible character, in so many ways - the best part is that, Viola Davis, the actress who plays Annalise, makes us feel exactly what the character is feeling, she is great in a way I had never seen before and she makes the show so much more than what it is) and she puts together an elite group of students (something she usually did) who are suppose to help her in some of her cases and learn from it. But here's the catch: someone dies. And so it starts, they have to cover it up, they have to pretend everything's fine, they have to be normal, they have to move on. However, there's always something happening, something that turns everything around, leaving everyone without knowing what to do. They have to deal with all this, plus Annalise's cases. I don't think I need to tell you that when you finish watching this, you're anxiety levels will be off the charts. (Oh, and of course, you only find out what really happened in the end of the season.)

The 100

finn, jasper, and monty image the 100, alycia debnam carey, and clexa image richard harmon, john murphy, and the100 image the 100, bellamy, and clarke image
Last year, The100 was my favourite show on earth. It had an awesome plot and the characters were all so imperfectly perfect. This show is about the human kind, that to protect itself, had to leave earth and go to space, where it lived for 100 years (in a big, fat spaceship). There, no one could commit felonies, if they did, they would be floated (left in space to die), but people could only be "floated" once they reached adulthood, so everyone who had comitted a crime and wasn't 18 yet, got locked up, untill they were old enough to be floated. However, humans had to send someone back to earth, since there had been 100 years, they needed to know if they could come back down, and then what happens? Of course, the "little criminals" are sent down. And guess what? An incredible adventure starts... (this is not a stupid show, it looks a bit childish, but it isn't... it's pure drama and I've cried some real tears in the episode "SpaceWalker") (AND SPOILER ALERT: you are going to think Murphy is mega ugly in the first season but then he starts to look unbelievebly handsome. Just, just please get ready.)

Stranger Things

stranger things, Nancy, and steve image eleven, pretty, and stranger things image eleven, stranger things, and eggos image stranger things, finn wolfhard, and noah schnapp image
I bet you were expecting this one, right? Me, being the typical nerd kind of person and not watching this syfy slash terror slash suspense slash supernatural slash HILARIOUS tv show?! That would be impossible. and you are absolutely right. I watched the first season around easter time and, to be honest, I didn't get too impresses, I was like "Ok, it's good", but now. Well, when season 2 came out, I watched it in 3 days and I became SO sad, I had to rewatch everything from the beginning (season 1 included), and I am now finishing the last 50 minutes of the last episode of the second season. I don't know how to explain to you how unbelievebly good this show is - you probably watch it already - but it has a great story, like, everything connects, even the most random things and then, then you fall in love with every single character, because they are all awesome actors, even the ones who play mean and hateful characters, you end up loving them for being awesome. ( And by the way, in the first season I thought Steve was kind of weirdly ugly and a very "cringe" like character, but oh my, oh my, I'm in love with him in such a way I feel like I'm cheating on my season 1 crush - Hopper ). ( OH, and I aspire to have a son as cool as Dustin ).

The Fosters

the fosters image the fosters, maia mitchell, and brandon foster image the fosters and jonnor image couple and love. image
I live for this tv show. I must admit I never really watched the first season, I started watching it on tv and then because it was a little confuse I decided to binge watch the rest on my computer. I am crazy about it, I feel so close to every single person on that family. It's unic because it shows some of the main problems in today's society, in a way that many of us - teens - can understand, while feeling empathy towards the storyline of all the characters. Making us reconsider the way we act, the way we treat others and the way we see things.

How I Met Your Mother

how i met your mother, himym, and barney image Barney Stinson, how i met your mother, and himym image how i met your mother, himym, and Barney Stinson image marshall, TED, and i how met your mother image
Oh, this one. How I Met Your Mother is the first tv show I have ever watched, mostly because my older brothers were always watching it. I became hypnotised by all of it. It's the only show I've seen more that 5 times (from beginning to end) and the more I watch it, the more I love it. It became a classic show, usually I watch at least one episode everyday, and I don't really know why anymore, some episodes are funny, some are very meaningful, others... others are just extremely iconic. I connected with ever single character, even the one who only appeared in the last season, and I loved them, and the actors for making me happy, because this show, it makes me happy, even if just for 20 minutes. I definitely advise you to watch it and to pay attention, since everything is carefully connected. HIMYM is definitely a 10/10 show, it's hilarious and amazing, full of beautiful life lessons and huge amounts of "food for thought" (Ted emails' reference).

The Bold Type

sutton, the bold type, and sutton brady image katie stevens, aisha dee, and meghann fahy image gif, katie stevens, and meghann fahy image gif, kat edison, and adena el amin image
It's girly. It's new. It's funny. I love it. It's about this 3 friends who work in a magazine and are trying to figure out who they are and what they want to do with their lives. It's great, girl empowerment everywhere, it's awesome! I don't have much to say about it, because it's a new show, all I can tell you is that I love it and if you are thinking of watching it, it's definitely worth it.

Game of Thrones

game of thrones, got, and stark image game of thrones, dragon, and got image game of thrones image jönsa image
What can I say? You aren't watching it right now? You should! I'm joking, I know it's a love/hate show, but one thing I know is: if you love medievel stuff, with magic creatures and a once in a life time kind of amazing story, THIS. IS. IT. Stop whatever you're doing and binge watch the whole thing. It's worth every second.

I think I'm going to stop for now. Maybe in the future I'll do a part 2, because I watch too many tv shows... it is not an healthy hobbie. Or maybe I'll start make little articles full with these geeky things: tv shows, movies, books, music... that would be very interesting, at least in my point of view.

I hope you like this,
Joana xoxo