Just be yourself
You are worth it

It seems pretty easy, doesn´t it? But it is not... it is probably one of the hardest things ever. Especially if you do not know who you want to be yet. Telling yourself that you are good enough, that you deserve to be noticed, that you deserve happiness, laughter and love is hard. But you are worth it.

Leaving all those doubts and negative thougths and this unworthy picture of yourself behind is not easy. Sometimes, it tries to haunt me when difficult situations start to get overwhelming and this feeling of not being good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, funny enough, interesting enough, tries to take over my mind.
But something has changed.

I do not let this happen anymore. My mindset has changed.
Instead of falling into this numbness of negativity, I try to think positively. And you know what? I may not be as confident as I would like to be, but it has helped me. A lot.
Because you yourself are worth it and telling yourself this quote is one of the -
maybe hardest - but most important things you can tell yourself.