Because my life is simply boring and sad, i often fantasize about were i'd like to go if i could travel anywhere. It can be just visit a city, a country or a very specific place.

1. Anywhere where i could see Northern Lights.

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How beautiful is this seriously ????

It is one of my biggest dream, just some light in a dark life.

2.Go to New York.

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I'd really want to go to the United States, but New York in particular, simply because it's New York lmao.

3. Visit San Fransisco

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I just really want to see that bridge... It symbolize a way to another world for me.

4. Visit "Le Louvre"

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I know Paris really well, that's why it's not on this list. Except for Le Louvre. I never visited it, and I would love to finally be able to say I did everything in Paris.

5. Scotland

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I went there once and it was seriously so majestic and incredible that i definetly want to go back but this time, be more adventurous and take a camera with me.

That's it for now but I might come back with more.