Every day brings something new. So, it' s normal to bring something we don't want sometimes. In that situations, I think we all have a bit depressed thoughts, lik this below. Just expressed in a different way.

1. No one saw the message. Nobody will.
2. I won't try. Nobody appreciate my effort.
3. I don' t mean anything to anyone.
4. I will be allways alone. Just a shadow in this world.
5. I' ll die alone. When it happen, nobody won't notice I left.
6. I'm unable. I haven' t talents, I' m ugly... I' m a coplete mistake.
7. No one likes me. I haven't sense in humor, I have awful smile, I look like clown, I'm fat, ugly... Who could ever love a beast!
8. I'm weird. I don't listen to the music that others listen to, I don't like fashion trends they follow...


Loneliness is not bad if you do not feel lonely in it. Sometimes is better have nobody nešt to you that anybody,
You are not ugly if nobody says you are beautiful.
You are not weird, or worse crazy. if you not like others. You are simply unique.

Thank everyone for reading :)