Hi everyone! My friends (more like seniors) have just graduated high school and they have always come to me for advice on how to improve or how to deal with stuff so I've decided to help any juniors or people in high school out with a High School Survival Guide! :)

I will be doing the guide in different parts because
(a) I would like to get feedback to better improve the next parts
(b) to know if people actually like this or not (so please leave a comment)
(c) each section might be pretty long

PART 1 : Work

1. Doing your work is extremely important because not only do you benefit by understanding the stuff better, your teacher will be able to know your weaknesses and know what area you need help in. This ultimately will help YOU in doing better because who can improve without knowing what they need to change / improve, amirite?

2. If you do not know/understand what the hell the teacher is talking about, JUST ASK. If you have social awkwardness like me, maybe ask the teacher after class instead of asking during lesson. If the teacher is not free at the moment, arrange to meet them after school for extra lessons. If you don't get to catch the teacher after class, YOU should take the initiative to find your teacher and arrange something.

Rules for your schoolwork
1. If you haven't done your work, just tell the truth, don't lie because
(a) teachers aren't usually that dumb
(b) lying is a sin and if your'e a freethinker/atheist then lying is just bad
2. If you need help, ASK
I will do a more detailed section for procrastination so you gotta wait :)

I hope this helped you, please give it a like if you did and follow me to see the other parts. Stay tuned :)

space angel