Time is gradually winding down towards the season of magic and togetherness. 2017 has flown by, so given that, I know Christmas will come in the blink of an eye. I figure my parents will soon ask me a few things I'd like for Christmas, so I've recently been working to gather some insight. I'm posting my list on We Heart It because I know how I love to read the lists of others in order to get inspired as far as mine goes. So, I've decided to make my own contribution towards giving people ideas for their wishlist. My items are somewhat listed in order of importance. That being said, let's get started, shall we?

1. Black Patent Leather Dr. Martens🌙

boots, docs, and dr martens image black, fashion, and boots image boots, dr. martens, and lack image black, doc martens, and shiny image
2 years back, I got some navy blue smooth leather docs for Christmas. Since then, the glossy ones have COMPLETELY grown on me.😍

2. Victoria's Secret Underwear🎀

bras, clothes, and panties image bra and pink image bra, lingerie, and pink image underwear, bras, and fashion image
I'd be such a liar if I said I wasn't complete trash for all things VS.

3. Missguided Barbie Accessories💕

Image by Kyra Grant Image by Kyra Grant
They're so cute!! Put Barbie in that font on any ting and you've reeled me in.

4. Suede Ankle Boots🌸

ankle boots, fashion, and luxury image fashion, shoes, and black image ankle boots, bed, and boho image shoes, fashion, and black image
I honestly feel like I don't have enough boots. I don't think I'll ever have enough boots.

5. Vans🏁

denim, middle finger, and grungy image vans, yellow, and shoes image flowers, me, and summer image black and white, shoes, and slip on image
Any of these recently popularized vans would be great because, let's be honest, I'm TRASH.

6. A Trench Coat✨

fashion, bag, and style image casual, coffee, and street style image fashion, style, and coat image fashion image
I'm on my Sherlock Holmes game. I'm asking for a specific one from H&M but the ones above are pretty nice.

7. Dresses, Skirts, & Rompers👗

fashion, dress, and black image dress and fashion image fashion, style, and grunge image fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, goals, and luxury image dress, fashion, and off the shoulder image
Each of these are more things that I don't feel like I have enough of, so Christmas is a good opportunity to get more.

8. Fragrances🍃

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image removed girly, perfume, and sweet image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
I love smelling nice, so I'm always looking for new scents to add to my collection.

9. Phone Cases💫

fashion, nails, and iphone image iphone, case, and phone image Image by •ᘍʟʟᴀ• ^-^ iphone and case image
Because when you have an iPhone theres absolutely no living without them...

There we have it! After putting all that out there, let it be said that I don't expect all of these things under my tree on the 25th of December. This list is merely a rough draft that I need to narrow down. In fact, I can guarantee that I won't get all of this. Undeniably, I'd be very grateful to get at least one thing from this list, and I would still feel blessed beyond measure without getting anything from this. I hope this helped with some of your wish-listing concerns. Thanks for reading!
-Keep hearting 'till next time,