Summer in New Zealand officially starts on the 1st of December and ends on the last day of February but our hottest months are probably January through to March.

1. I don't have to worry about being cold. I get cold easily so I'd rather be hot than cold.

2. I prefer to wear shorts that jeans. I prefer summer fashion, i feel like there's more variety. Dresses, shorts, skirts.

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3. I love that it gets darker later. Because of daylight saving our clocks get changed an hour forward so it because darker around 10pm instead of 5pm like in the winter.

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4. I love the barbecues. Often, especially around New Years, we have a barbecue with family and friends and sit around the outdoor fire listening to music and drinking.

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5. Christmas time!

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6. Family trips. We take a seven hour drive up to Picton to stay with family. There's lots of drinking, late nights, boat cruises, fishing trips, shopping trips, cook offs in the kitchen. They're probably our best holidays with early mornings and ice creams.

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7. Camping. We go down to the river and camp in our little pop up camper.

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8. Backyard cricket. Who doesn't love backyard cricket in the summer.

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9. River swimming. We live a five minute walk from our local river and we often go down with friends with a picnic to paddle or swim down on boogie boards.

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10. The feel, the sound and smell of summer. Dried dead grass, the sound of people mowing their laws, the heat, the birds chirping. The sun just makes me happy.

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There are so many other reasons to love summer but I'd be here forever.
Thanks for reading.