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For many of you that are still in high school. You know the struggle it is to wake up at around 7 in the morning or earlier to go to school. High school has its issues and its really annoying doing 4 years there, but there are some pretty rough high school problems that you won't have to worry about once you enter college. It will be like you've entered a whole new world. Here are some of the most annoying high school problems that you won't have to worry about once you graduate and enter college.

♛Getting Made Fun Of

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To me this is the number 1 thing that is really annoying about high school. At any age, people can be mean, but high school students are way more mean than college students are. In college, you're expected to be unique, you don't have to wear your best clothes or makeup just to fit in. If u had a problem in high school with fitting in with everyone else. There are so many different groups of people that you'll easily find a place to fit in.

♛Being Forced to Talk in Class

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Don't you hate when your teacher repeatedly as you to answer a question especially when you don't know the answer? Well in college the best choice is you can go to a huge college with lecture classes. You can just sit in the corner and learn without your social anxiety acting up.

♛Using Computers

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A lot of u use your cell phones more than a computer in high school for your assignments, but you'll use your laptop way more in college than you ever used it in high school. Most of your assignments will be submitted online and the majority of them will have to be typed instead of handwritten.

♛You Rely On Yourself

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Don't you hate when ur limited to do things? You have to rely on your parents to drive you places and you have to ask their permission before you can go out. I know I'm an independent person so I would love to be in charge of my own life. Well, if you live on campus, your parents won't be around to tell you when to go to bed. You'll be in charge of your own life, so you're free to do as you please

♛Making Your Own Schedule

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Don't you hate how you and your friends never end up in the same class? Well, since you get to make your own schedule in college, you can plan your classes along with your friends. You can also control what times you want to take class and what days you want to take your classes.

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