I've watched Pokemon since I was a little girl.These are my favorites in no particular order. Part 2

1. Numel

anime, art, and pokemon image anime, art, and pokemon image
My little lazy, dim-witted and relaxed baby boy. He is strong, slow-paced and often sleepy. Numel's eruption attack is always my favorite.

2. Vulpix/Ninetails

art, illustration, and kawaii image anime, art, and manga image
Cuties. Fire and Ice. They are intelligent and good with teams.


adorable, cutie, and rosa image poke, slowpoke, and shellder image
Slowpoke is a rather dumb Pokémon and it rarely moves. Good a fishing. Kinda does nothing, but that's what I love about this guy.

4. Flygon

fanart, flygon, and pokemon image dragonfly, flygon, and pokemon image
This little cutie is basically a dragonfly. Its called The Desert Spirit The wings make a "singing" sound when they are flapped.

5. Sableye

pokemon image anime, manga, and pokemon image
Cutie little goblin/germlin in my opinion. Eats rocks and gemstones. Believed to steal people's soul when they look in its eye.

6. Growlithe/Arcanine

colour, pokemon, and oddish image art, candy, and Halloween image
Big ole' fire fox/dog. I fell in love with them when James told his story.

7. Dratini/Dragonite

dratini, pond, and pokemon image pokemon and dragonair image
Cute little pastel noodles. Water serpent believed to be a living myth. Can reach lengths of over six feet.

8. Mimikyu

pokemon and mimikyu image pokemon and mimikyu image
Mimikyu is weakened by sunlight, it is rumored that the veil is used for protection. Its true form supposedly cause a mysterious illness. This lonely Pokémon thought that this disguise would allow it to make friends with people because Pikachu is popular amongst trainers.

9. Shuppet

pokemon and shuppet image pokemon and shuppet image
Shuppet is based off of a hand puppet. It feeds on feelings of envy, vindictiveness, malice and sadness.

10. Banette

pokemon and banette image creepy, ghost, and pokemon image creepy, pokemon, and banette image pokemon, banette, and mega banette image
Literally Banette is a living possessed voodoo doll. Creepiest pokemon out there. Its life force is safe in its body by the zipped up mouth. Seeks for the child that disowned it before it became a Pokémon. It lays curses on people and other Pokémon by using its body as a voodoo doll and sticking pins into itself, which gives itself energy. What happens if he finds the child tho?
This is my other favorite dream team buddies!. I separated Shuppet/Banette because I had alot to say about Banette. Check out my Pokemon/Sailor Moon Collection for more!