this article is just going to be about different movies that i've really enjoyed or impacted me in some way and hopefully you guys can gain some new movies to watch whenever you have free time. i'm really hoping to highlight films with a really diverse cast or amazing directors/writers of color into this because representation is so important.

Y Tu Mamá También

Mature image diego luna, y tu mama tambien, and maribel verdu image diego luna, y tu mama tambien, and gael garcia bernal image y tu mama tambien image
directed by alfonso cuarón, starring diego luna & gael garcía bernal with maribel verdú

i adore diego and gael with all my heart, they're such amazing examples of mexican talent, and anyone who is a fan of them has probably seen this movie. it's a coming of age story in a sense and these two teenage boys take a road trip with this woman in her late twenties and it's so wild and kind of graphic with sex scenes but yeah, hopefully you enjoy it.

Everybody Wants Some

tyler hoechlin and everybody wants some image tyler hoechlin, blake jenner, and everybody wants some image everybody wants some image everybody wants some image
directed by richard linklater, starring blake jenner, tyler hoechlin, glen powell, zoey deutch

there's so many people in this cast so i just highlighted a couple of the stars of the movie but if you love the 80s and enjoyed dazed and confused then PLEASE watch this movie. it's so so good not only with the soundtrack but the characters are so hilarious and it's surprisingly kinda deep. it's about a college baseball team in texas and the days leading up to the start of the semester.


coco, pixar, and disney image coco, background, and wallpaper image coco, diademuertos, and disney image coco and disney image
directed by lee unkrich, starring gael garcía bernal, luis ángel gómez jaramillo, marco antonio solís

listen, coco was the first movie i've ever seen where i actually started crying before the movie even started, that's how excited i was to see it and how much it meant to finally see a disney movie that represented me and my culture. not only was it about a mexican family, celebrating a holiday that is so important to us and i can remember celebrating as a child, but the family is BROWN!!! like i'm lucky if i get any mexican representation but they're normally light skinned or white passing or just flat out white mexicans, but the lead character (miguel) was none of that, he was straight up brown along with his family and i wanted to cry because i never get to see any mexican characters or celebrities who look like me (colorism is a really issue y'all!!!). the animation was just so beautiful as well like you could tell how much love and effort they put into making it and THE MUSIC WAS JUST THE BEST PART LIKE IT BROUGHT ME BACK TO MY CHILDHOOD IN MY GRANDPARENT'S HOUSE. also marco antonio solís aka mexican jesus is in it???? you bet i took my grandma with me and i haven't stopped listening to the soundtrack to this day. there was so many references to mexican icons as well and i could make a whole list about why this movie is a must-see (like how the grandma made me think of all the great-grandparents i lost, which made my mom burst into tears as well) but then we'd be here forever so basically, watch this movie now!!!! please support movies made by latinxs for latinxs so we can get more of them!!!

p.s: this movie is NOT a copy of book in life (another recommendation of mine) the plot is completely different aside from being about día de los muertos and as for the plot, just watch the trailer please because i can't do it justice just explaining it through words

Psychout for Murder

60's, psychout for murder, and film still image 60s, book, and girl image Image by claudette girl, gun, and vintage image
directed by rossano brazzi, starring adrienne larussa

this is an italian film but you can watch it with subtitles on youtube (haven't been able to find another way to watch the film on any other site). anyway this takes place in the late 60s which can be shown through the soundtrack and all the fashion, the main character lica was serving look after look!!! anyway, i don't want to spoil anything but it's basically a drama/horror film where this girl (lica) is sent away to an asylum by her father because she was caught in a brothel with her boyfriend and she when she comes out, she gets revenge on everyone who allowed her father to get away with this. if you're into femme fatale type of movies and enjoy the retro aesthetic, i definitely recommend this film!