cozy songs that will make you wanna light a candle and in lay in bed all day...

fyi you can find all these songs and more in a lil playlist i made:

Lost Things— Jake Howden

book, books, and dirty pretty things image rain, candle, and gif image
"we're walking off a path and stepping on lost things but slowly but surely, we'll make it through this"

Left With The Wolves— Nathan Hawes

aesthetic, books, and read image girl, wolf, and animal image
"you left with the cold breeze, along with the dead seas"

Skinny Love— Bon Iver

amazing, bed, and cozy image bralette, sex, and sexy image
"come on skinny love what happens here, suckle on the hope in lite brassiere"

Postcards— James Blunt

city and new york image book, vintage, and letters image
"im sending postcards from my heart, with love from a postmark"

Georgia— Vance Joy

autumn, travel, and fall image bed, cozy, and kissing image
"she is something to behold, elegant and bold"

1959— Jake Howden

light, winter, and snow image coffee, autumn, and bed image
"not much longer now and i'll be there by your side just like how we were in '59"

Bloom— The Paper Kites

autumn, rain, and cozy image book, coffee, and bed image
"oh, you fill my lungs with sweetness, and you fill my head with you"

Cigarette Daydreams- Cage The Elephant

travel, nature, and mountains image indie image
"cigarette daydream, you were only seventeen"