< hello lovlies, here's a list of songs curated for rainy day, lazy vibes >

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A few of my favorite artists that perfectly capture my rainy moods: The Lumineers, Lorde, The 1975 & Lord Huron
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The Lumineers
~Sleep on the Floor
~White Lie
~Dead Sea
~Slow it Down

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~Biting Down
~ The Louvre
~Writer in the Dark
~White Teeth Teens
~The Love Club

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The 1975
~She Lays Down
~Settle Down
~Haunt // Bed

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Lord Huron
~The Night We Met
~She Lit a Fire
~Meet Me in the Woods
~The Yawning Grave
~The Man Who Lives Forever
~The Ghost on the Shore

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Panic! at the Disco
~Trade Mistakes
~Sarah Smiles
~Northern Downpour
~Casual Affair
~Far Too Young to Die
~House of Memories
~Impossible Year

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~Work Song
~Angel of Small Death & the Codeine Scene
~From Eden
~Foreigner's God
~Better Love
~Arsonist's Lullabye
~Someone New
~Jackie & Wilson
~Take Me to Church

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Various Artists
Feathers So Hollow // Vesperteen
Half the World Away // AURORA
Running With the Wolves // AURORA
Under Stars // AURORA
sex // eden
High & Low // Empire of the Sun
Carry You // Novo Armor
Sunsetz // Cigarettes After Sex
We Had to End It // Cuco
White Foxes // Susanne Sundfør
Beautiful Hell // Adna
Holocene // Bon Iver
London, After Rain // High Highs
The Rain // The Suitcase Junket
Canyon // Joseph
Cloudine // Joseph
Painting Greys // Emmit Fenn
Dream // Bishop Briggs
Downtown // Majical Cloudz
Kicks // Lauren Aquilina
Wonder wall // Ryan Adams
Bored // Billie Eilish
Ocean Eyes // Billie Eilish
Skinny Love // Birdy
Graveyard Whistling // Nothing But Thieves
Way Down We Go // Kaleo
Believer // Lea Michelle
Songbird, Remastered // Fleetwood Mac
The A Team // Ed Sheeran
Not Today // Imagine Dragons
My Immortal // Evanescence
I Of the Storm // Of Monsters & Men
Angels // The xx

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xx, Sam