Hello lovely people! @TypicalGirl48 has started this cool challenge I think it could be fun to do! Here’s the link of her original article: My friends @xdiannyxx and @xxblack_tearsxx also did this challenge with me so go check out theirs on their profiles ⇑.

Day 7 : What is your dream job and why?

Architecture and design

As a little I always loved building houses and stuff like that, it always was so interesting for me but. I might go to that kind of college but i’m still not sure, cuz I heard the collage for architecture is kinda hard of course is not something that can’t come true, I mean all collages are hard but you know, and also I’m still just 14 and there’s a long time for me to think what will I actually do in the future. I had so many ideas about what would my dream job be, like of course everyone wants to be an actor or a singer but for me, it’s not that easy cuz I’m not good at singing (but that doesn’t mean I won’t sing *awkward wink ha*) and when it comes to acting, well uhh idk what should I say about this one lol. I was thinking if I should write about my second big dream job, which would be a meme expert lol which is not even realistic BUT then I remembered I’m already a meme expert, and I already found my co-workers.
But hopefully one day my dreams will come true.

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