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Day 02 - 3 legitimate fears and how they became fears

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No. 1:

Spiders. I just have been scared of these animals since I can remember so I don't know how it became a fear. I just know what I find scary/disgusting about them.

  • they have an abnormal amount of legs
  • they move unnaturally fast, that disgusts me
  • after you spotted them they're away as soon as you look away and they could be anywhere now
  • all in all just their appearance

No. 2:

The fear of being alone.
I was alone almost all the time in my life. At least I felt left alone. These weren't good times at all so I'm "handycapped" concerning this topic. I'm practicing to get better at being alone and I'm doing good until now. But seriously it's still scary as hell sometimes, thinking about having no one at all to talk to when you're feeling sick/sad/depressed etc. But yeah. The goal is to get through with these feelings on my own.

No. 3:

The fear of getting lethal diseases. Yes that's a very specific one. But doesn't everyone have that one specific fear? And this is mine. I'm scared of getting cancer or becoming paraplegic due to an accident or something. It's not present all the time and I don't think about that everyday but when my thoughts stroll to that fear I'm almost paralyzed (pun not intended) by it. I can't stop thinking about my life if I would get something like this. I'll start to shake and sweat all over my body. I got that fear since I was in surgery because of my back (I had scoliosis, if you don't know what it is there's an article about it:
There was a risk of becoming paraplegic because the surgery was near the spinal cord.

Sooo I hope you found that interesting and enjoyed reading this.

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