Forgive, people, forgive.
What they had done, forgive. It won't matter in a lifetime upper, it's an illusion, my dear, forgive
If Any one has any time wanted Anything bad to any other one, forgive. God is the resoulution, love is the way out.
You're here now, dear child, breathing, alive. Is that not a miracle? I'm happy, can't you understand that I'm happy, because I'm temporary. The fact that we're going to die frees us all. We are all dying. Remember? You are a joyous child, remember?
Forgive, human, forgive another being, free yourself with it. Forgive yourself, forgive everything. Love yourself, do love you.
You are not this fear, nor anger! This sadness and frustration, let it go flow the waters, let it dive far, let it teach you lessons, life is joy.
I know you resented, I know you were hated, I know life is joy. I know. I know.
I know. You are scared, trust me I really do know. And I cry, I cry with you, I stand in silence, with you, and I love you so.
You're so hurt! So broken, how could they brake your fragile heart, and how can they continue to break your every part?!!! Scream, girl, you scream! Let your freedom out, let the hate transform.
I think that I hate.
But behind the curtain, there's just pain.
All so broken, undescribable, destroying but loving, pain.
EGO: How can you love so much, I ask?
SOUL: Because I am love. And I forgive because it makes me happy, I am vulnerable as it makes me free. How can you hate so much?
EGO: I can't do other. I really can't control it, I think my fear is devastated. I lost control over it, therefore- I hate. Because my essence is hate... ANd I hate I hate I hate, so that I can be free of it- of hate, because I- I- I need your love.

You're here now, dear child, breathing, alive. Is that not a miracle?