Hey, guys, this is my first article and I was inspired by FigmentOfYourImagination answers (hope she doesn't get mad that I stole her caption xD) and by this challenge I want to contemplate on my year, but besides that, I just love surveys xd

❥ Where were you on 31.12.2016? Do you remember the feelings and thoughts you had back then?

I was with my mom. Honestly, I wasn't really glad that I am with my mom on NY's eve (I felt like a baby a bit), but it turned out to be one of the best NY's ever. I realized that I was with the person who loves me the most and who I love the most, so I believe that was part of the reason why this year was so good.

❥ What has changed in your life since the last day of 2016? How are you different today?

I didn't have many friends before, but I met so many this year. I just started my second year of college and I am starting to broaden my friendship circle. This is like the highlight of this year. That has boosted my self-confidence, I am more open towards people, I am more communicative and optimistic.

❥ What were your plans for 2017? Have you finished your goals and plans for 2017?

- Good grades; - New friends; - To gain self confidence; - And yeah, to lose some weight, hehe. I have completed most of those goals, except guess which one? I just loveeee candies and unhealthy food, blame it on my hungry eyes. I will leave that last plan for 2018. xd

❥ Pick the best month of 2017 and share with us. Why was that month special for you?

August. It was speacial because it was my first time to go on a vacation without my parents. I went on a vacation with my friends and we had an amazing trip.

❥ Choose the day of this year that you will never forget and tell us why.

Tbh, I am still waiting for that day to happen. I had many great days this year, but none of them was really that special to stick or I just have a bad memory. I mean, those 12 days on the beach were amazing, but I can't pick just one. Okay, maybe the second night, that would probably be 11/8/ because I met one guy, he told me that I am so beautiful (and I didn't have any make up on me), but it turned out that he is engaged and older, so...

❥ What was the most difficult period of 2017 for you? Why?

Idk, maybe January... I was still wearing some 2014 depression in me, kinda... And I had exams (they ended well anyway), but I was in a fight with my best friend, that made me feel really sad and broken a bit. But it made me stronger, I learned that I can go though everything alone if I have to. So, everything happens for a reason xd

❥ Pick three persons who have changed you in 2017 and describe the impact they had on you.

My mom, my new friend Sarah and my best friend Tracey. My mom has shown me that I am never really alone, and she made me feel safe through this whole year. Sara has shown my that new people will always come into my life and that adventure never stops. Tracey has shown me that you need to grow every friendship, every day, no matter how long you have been friends because friendship is like a plant. In order to grow, you need to take care of it every day, not just when you feel like it otherwise it will fade.

❥ Have you lost anyone in 2017? How are you feeling today?

I stopped being friends with two persons who were my bests for a long time. Today I am feeling proud of myself because I had courage to end it and I really believed that I will be forever alone without them.

❥ Describe the best trip you had this year. Where were you, what made that trip special?

We went to Florida, just me and my three friends. We were there for 12 days and we didn't have a care on our mind. We were young, wild and free. We met new people, they all had summer adventures (I met three guys, but nothing happened), we drank, we went to clubs, got tanned. It was awesome. But most of all, I felt like I am having the best time of my life and like those friendships will last forever.

❥ Did you do or experience something for the first time in 2017? What was it?

Alcohol. Yeah, it was my first time ever this year. I got wasted. Vodka, vodka, vodka. Anyway, it felt good to be bad for a while. I mean, it's not like I stopped drinking after that xd

❥ What's the best thing that you did in this year?

Went on that trip with my friends, got really good grades and ended toxic friendships.

❥ Choose one quote and one song that best describe your 2017.

'The key to being happy is knowing you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go'

❥ What do you want to achieve/feel/experience before 2018 comes?

I want to start volunteering, to get a real boyfriend, to travel somewhere I have never been before and to be a better person.

❥ How will you make those 55 days the best that you can? Make a short plan.

I will search for some place where I can volunteer, definitely. That will also make me feel like a better version of myself. I am planning to go somewhere for NY anyway, so that's covered. And about the boyfriend... well, that's not in my control, so I hope that destiny will work it for me.

Real-illusion, thank you for this survey, I really feel great after writing this because I realized some things I couldn't realize without writing it down. :)