Do u guys notice sometimes?

people who know exactly what they want and are super passionate about that? yeeez im so jealous. even though im only 20 years old, I really do not have any passion, I mean dont get me wrong, I know what I like and what I think I want to become when im "big", but a passion? nah I can't call it a passion.

example: a girl from my school knew already when she was 13, she wanted to become a doctor, and know she is studying for it, doing extra classes and being on the A-list probably. I think thats awesome, just knowing and going all the way for what you really want.

but is it really that bad if you, just like me, are just doing something you kinda like, but not going all the way for it? I think most people have this right? I mean I based my decision for college on what it going to make the most money and stability in the future. Most people do I guess.

I love fashion, but is it going to make me money in the future? no, probably not. this doesn't mean someone else can't. im just not creative enough, thats why I keep it real, studying law and being good at it, trying to become a detective in the future.

and hopefully with a lot of style!!

rock your world! not everyone can be passionate but you can be good at something, work it girls!