Have you ever thought about making your life better? If yes, what does "better" mean? Is it "more productive'? Is it "less cluttered'? Or maybe 'organised'? Have you ever thought about changing your life in a way you would just feel better?

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Well - no pain, no gain - as they say. Your 'better' life won't come until you actually do something with it. It means making changes, not in your life - but in you. You have to change. It won't work otherwise.

How to do it? I can tell you - it won't be easy, and you'll need to take baby steps. But it'll pay off in the end!

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1. Make a list - not the things you'd like to achieve, but the things you'd like to change. First changes, then achievements - remember. Also, try to note down WHY are those things bothering you - and WHO is responsible for them to happen - is it you or other people?

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It's so true. If some of the things bothering you are happening because of other people - you may not have such influence on it. Just leave it, for now. First of all, focus on yourself. You are responsible for your life, accept it. Accept your flaws. If you can't do it - work on them.

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2. Stay positive. It sounds cliche, but it is true. Don't think about problems so often, especially int the mornings. Try not to think about anything negative, just clear your mind. Accept positive things, enjoy them. Be nice to people and they'll be nice to you, eventually. If you open your mind to changes, you'll be able to do everything you want. You have to learn how to 'let go' of things that may be toxic for you. When you get up, immediately think about something positive that may happen today. Do it every morning and you'll notice how relaxed you're getting after waking up each day.

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3. Get up early. Yes, it's a must. Doing it earns you more time for every single day. You'll be able to do so many things thanks to that!

Oh, so you don't want to break your routine suddenly? Set up alarm for 20 minutes earlier for couple of days, then 30 minutes, then 40 minutes, then 1 hour... You'll learn. Well, maybe you should try to watch a sunrise? It would be a beautiful bonus for the pain of getting up earlier, wouldn't it?

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4. Drink a glass of lukewarm water with lemons or limes. You may add cucumbers or strawberries or anything else to it, but lemons are a must! It's proven scientifically that drinking water with lemon juice before eating breakfast is super healthy for your intestines, brain, heart and metabolism in overall. You'll feel energetic, focused - and your immunity will thank you!

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5. Eat breakfast - and do it in the wise way - eat clean! The morning intake of calories, sugar, carbs etc. is sooooo important! Forget about eating croissants, white flour pancakes or even chocolate cereal! Do you know how much sugar they have?? Well, check it. The thing with sugar is that the more you eat it, the less energetic you'll be. I'd say more - sugar will drain your energy. Eat wholemeal bread or rolls, vegetables and fruit for breakfast. Have fun with making colorful sandwiches. Healthy doesn't mean 'boring'.

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If you're afraid that making breakfast will take you extra time - prepare it before you go to sleep. When you get up the next day - just take it out of the fridge and do something else as your food will get warmer in the meantime.

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6. Exercise. You don't have to get up at 4 a.m. to do the whole workout. No. Exercise for 15-20 minutes. There's even the 7 minutes workout plan! You'll find it everywhere across the Internet. If you don't feel like doing it - go running, skipping, swimming... Do yoga, pilates. Just - exercise every morning for couple of minutes.

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7. Keep your surrounding clean. If you do it on the regular, daily basis - you'll have to make the bed or pick up trash in the morning - and that would be it. The less cluttered is our space, the more our mind is productive.

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8. Plan your day. You can make it before you go to sleep, but it would be wise to recall what you have to do. Keep your planner or journal up to date. If you don't have any, well... It's high time for you to own one!

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9. Tell something nice to your family and friends straight out in the morning! They'll be surprised! You'll make their day with one simple and positive sentence. It's not so hard, try it out! You'll feel good, too!

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10. Take some healthy snacks and water with you. You won't buy anything unhealthy (bonus to saving money!) and you'll be more productive if you don't eat trash. Remember, you are what you eat - and you don't want to be a donut :)


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