"I hate that all the damn things go wrong
I can not do anything right, I can never do it. "
And it's acceptable, I accept it, okay?
I'm strong enough to face who I am and what problems I have,
but ... It's not always like that, okay? In truth, like everyone, I have problems ... And I know that other people go through worse things because of the same thing, I do not say "Hey, so you do not understand".
I must say that the person you see smiles now, it may be that he is going through something quite horrible, but she or he is facing it and with a smile on high, so that others realize that they do not take for granted.
You must be strong always, I know it is difficult, but someday you will have to face it and live happily, even if you do not believe or do not want to, it will happen.
Because I know that if someone who has gone through a lot has come from the depths of their being, they can also do so. Everyone can only believe in you, understand and accept things a little.