No matter how great the outfits you wear, if you have bad hair day, let alone going to school, you won’t even have any courage to get out of the house. Like what they say, hair is the crown for girls. And it should be more than just crown for school girls like you as you value your appeal so much. Well, don’t worry with your hair. You’re going to learn about simple and easy hairstyles for medium hair for school here. If you have medium hair, then this following idea is just perfect for you.

Simple Hairstyle with Big Impact

Yes, you don’t make any mistake in reading the title above. Messy hair with braid is actually really trendy nowadays. I know that when it comes to braid, it’s usually related to neat and straight hair. How come it can look good for messy hair? Just take a look at the image below and you’ll find the answer. Having messy hair can be a real disaster for you but just with a simple braid, everything is changed completely.

Instead of getting frustrated with your bad hair day, you’ll surely have nice confidence to go to school with such hair. Above all, this hairstyle is also simple and easy. There’s barely anything you need to do to your hair especially if you have already got messy or wave-y hair to begin with. If you have straight hair, well, there’s no need to hesitate to give it a try and give some accent to your hair by waving it. As for the braid, you don’t need to do it too much. Just a single braid on the side of the head is sufficient.

Braid’s Size Does Matter

It’s a good idea to decide the size of the braid beforehand. Small braid is good to give you cute look while the bigger one is nice to show off your appeal. Simple and easy hairstyles for medium hair for school like this are just perfect for full-with-activity school day. The hairstyle will help you stay fresh and cool thanks to the braid. At the same time, you’ll look chic and cute.