- 5 ways to win my heart <3

If anyone that I like and likes me back is out there, here are some helpful hints to win me over. (Or if you want to be friends too these could work!)

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1. Actually wanting to do things I enjoy Watching all of the twilight movies with me (or any movie), baking with me, and even clean with me. Nothing is worse than having someone who doesn't want to do things that make you happy. What's the point of any relationship if there isn't a mutual support?
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2. Food dates! Nothing sounds better than ordering food with someone you love and either enjoying a movie/show or conversation. Or if they surprise you with your favorite foods, yes please!
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3. Run errands with me I would love to run errands with a loved one. It'd be so much fun enjoying each other's company and being pretty productive. Spending a little bit of money on fun things for you two like movies, food, etc. Goals.
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4. Nice conversations I dream of having conversations during the morning, day, or night where the two of us just talk and don't degrade one another. We'd have conversations about each other, our problems, the world, really anything.
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5. Appreciating me Including me in conversations, bringing up things I've said before, little things like that mean so much to me, they really are more important than you might think.