Studying for my finals was one of the hardest things i have ever done. Now before we get to the tips lets just make it clear that FINALS ARE NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. yes it might seem like it is the most important thing right now but trust me it is not and your results do not define who you are as a person. i personally believe that the final exams are overrated so stress but not too much. I'am gonna share with you guys five tips that i have used during my finals that have helped me a lot. P.S what works for me might not work for you.


I can't stress how important it is to organize your notes, books etc. having a different folder for exam class helps a lot because you can easily locate what you are looking for and that will save you a lot of time. if you also color code your notes that is also very helpful.


i have heard a lot of people say this but i never really knew what they meant by it or how to do it till i got to my finals. how i studied "smart not hard"was i did 45 minutes on 15 minutes off, sometimes i would take pictures of some parts of my notes that i did not understand and go through them when I'm on my phone and it is better to do a little bit everyday than do 8 hours the day before.


i found that i was more likely to go though my notes if i liked my writing, so i started writing my notes more neatly and tried to make note writing more fun eg: use highlighters, draw graphs, brainstorm, draw images etc. Also if you are as lazy as iam you can do what i did and print out your notes as there are a lot of amazing notes available on the internet.


i hated studying at home during my finals because i would get distracted easily, so what i did was i used to go to my local library or cafes and study there. the environment that you study in really affects your level of productivity so switch it up if you need to.


i cannot stick to a timetable to save my life. instead of timetables what i did was i created a checklist of all the thongs i needed to get done and that helped me stay on track. also having a checklist for essays is really helpful as it makes sure you follow the correct structure and talk about everything you need to in your essay.

That is it for now, and i hope this was helpful. Good luck if you are doing your finals and rember GRADES ARE REFLECTIVE OF YOUR WORK ETHIC AND YOUR ABILITIY TO STRATEGIZE, NOT YOUR INTELLIGENCE.