Hello lovely hearters!

If you don't know me, I'm @Whispiral. So recently I checked my canvas and stuff and I saw that I had almost 1500 followers which is like crazy and amazing at the same time. It warmed up my heart knowing that I had inspired a chunk of people on here with my posts, articles and collections. I'm not one for numbers but i decided that maybe I can hold a challenge?

So this is where I got the idea of the WHI Heart Challenge came from. So its a challenge in which you all write a article about your favourite heartists!

Benefits of this challenge:

  • Strengthens bond between hearters!
  • Connects them to their favorite heartists!
  • Can get involved in a inspiring challenge!
  • You can show appriciation to those who work really hard on their accounts taking pictures and/or writing

The winner would be the person with the kindest words to say to their fav heartists.

If I do decide to host, the prize for the winners would be a shout out of appreciation from me on an article!

interested? do let me know by either hearting this article or just sending me a postcard!

Thank you guys and keep on hearting!