Hey there, lovely hearters! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Kaylee. I'm book obsessed, writing obsessed, and kind of notes obsessed. I don't know about you, but when school is in session, I am in dire need of some notes inspiration or notespiration. I did an article like these a while ago so I decided to do a second one because inspiration never dies. For those of you who want to check the other article out, I will have it below as well as my study collection. While these are all just pictures, I hope this inspires and motivates you in every way possible, fellow hearters! :) Without further ado, this week's notespiration!

notes, green, and school image book, drink, and study image study, notes, and school image study, book, and studying image
study and school image
study image biology, note, and school image Image by i love clouds homework, motivation, and papers image
Image by i love clouds
cafe, chocolate, and coffee image school, study, and motivation image pens, school, and studying image study, school, and coffee image
calligraphy, supplies, and handlettering image
college, study, and laptop image Abusive image biology, notes, and science image Image by paula
coffee, college, and school image