The worst thing is, I still can't curse you out. No matter how used or broken I feel. Is it because I still deeply love you, or because it stripped me? It's situations like this that make you question just how healthy love really is. Too me, it has become a sickness.

I feel weak. I feel empty.

I forgave you during your darkest time. I even forgave you when I was left to hurt.

No matter what I did, it was never enough. And it's my fault for not being easy to love. I had my flaws. I was over protective, I may be needy. But I always cared. No matter how angry I was, how tired, I was still there when you needed me.

I was never enough, was I? I was just really convenient when you needed it. Someone to pat you on your back, someone who admired you more then they admired themselves. Someone who, no matter how deep you cut, they still found a way to stitch themselves up.

I think I'm too bruised to stitch anymore. I think I need to leave it to heal. it will be long and painful.

I hope you gained more then I lost. I hope she was worth it.

But, it's okey. I'm used to being left..