I don´t know how to explain it, but somehow i always thought it would be us. You and me. You have always been the one I could never have, so when i finally did have you I thought it meant it would be us, we were meant to be. You were going to fall for me and I was going to fall for you. However, this was not the case, or not for you at least. It turned out that i was the only one who fell, me falling for you, but you never fell for me because you were already in love with someone else, your beloved ex.

I am not mad at you because of that, I could never hate you for it, but somehow i feel emptier than i´ve ever felt, because the one person i thought would be the first turned out to be the last. Maybe it was bad timing, maybe it was supposed to happen someday or maybe it was just never meant to be. Anyhow you will always be the one I will always want, but could never have.

Therefore I am now ready to move on and hope for the best.
Cause: If you truly love something let it go, if it comes back to you it was meant to be, if not, it was never meant to be yours.