hi guys ! this is my first article of many that i'm going to be doing.

I chose to talk about stress relievers because i know right now is a very nerve-racking time of year for a lot of people (specifically high school/college students). i am 17 and in the 11th grade and figured i'd extend some tips out to you that i feel are real life-savers.

first, let me talk a bit about stress itself. we all know it. you can't get through life without encountering it. but, too much of it is terrible for you. i honestly don't think it's a lie that stress can kill you..

so, let's delve in on these tips to help deal with/get rid of it. ;)

5 Key Tips:

1. take a break!

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this is probably the most common and basic pieces of advice of them all when it comes to stress. simply putting the pencil down and closing your eyes for a few minutes can take those stress levels down by a thousand. trust me, it goes a long way!

2. exercise, exercise, exercise

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even if it's just for 5 minutes, exercise. get moving, baby. when you work out, you get your blood flowing which releases endorphins therefore almost instantly boosting your mood and relieving stress.

3. eat right:

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make sure you're eating your fruits, veggies, and getting your protein in! eating sugary foods can pick you up instantly temporarily but take you down faster. (hint hint omega-3's are good stress relieving foods as well as good for you)

4. get more sleep!

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losing sleep causes stress, getting more of it reduces stress. to wind down at night, listen to low, peaceful music, dress comfortably, make sure the lights are dim (if not all the way off). lastly, make sure you're getting 7-8 hours.

5. laugh until your stomach hurts!

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laughing is personally one of my favorites. there's never a time that i'm not laughing at something sometimes completely dumb. laughing is a good way to reduce stress because it releases endorphins making you feel good inside and out!


now here are some other simple but helpful tips.

1. get a coloring book! <3

2. write/draw in a journal.

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3. do a facemask

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4. listen to music!
5. hug someone.
6. go to a museum.

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7. get a stressball.
8. chew some gum.
9. take the time to organize the space around you.

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10. wash dishes.
11. cook!
12. take a good ole nap.
13. take a bath. (tip: use a bathbomb)

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14. watch a movie!
15. call up a friend to talk or hang out with.
16. read!

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