I thought it impossible
That I might fall in love like this
I didn't think myself worthy
Of such a person as you
But when you first gave me that look...
I knew.
That look was something I'd never forget.
It wasn't merely a glance, it was a meeting of eyes.
It was a feeling that I'd never felt,
And wanted more of.
You couldn't feel what I felt, of course,
To you this moment meant nothing.
But to me, to my naive, young self,
This meant everything.
I fell in love with you.
All because of a look.

And look at us now.
I told myself to forget you.
You're too good to be true.
I almost convinced myself that I was over it,
But you gave that look again,
And I fell harder.
See, you may think nothing of this,
But to me, you're fatal.
That look, the memory of that look, is what holds me back.
That look gives me hope for something I can't have.
And yet,
I can't make myself forget it.

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