I have been writing for some time some stories from characters that belong to this specific universe I've created.. I thought about each Thursday publish a chapter with you =) They are actually small stories and I thought about sharing it with you


Run like the wind when you're pursuing something you want...Run even faster when you're after someone you love...
What I forgot was that goals aren't immutable, and people change, so when I got where I wanted, he was there, just wasn't my lover anymore.
He was a captain, a tall handsome captain from the royal army and I left everything, even my honour to follow him, to follow us.
It would have been the perfect example of a fairy tale, except nothing is ever perfect and, as I said, people change. He started to feel guilty for making me leave, and I started to hate him for feeling that way. I felt like I've done it all to be with him and now he was throwing it all away by constructing new walls in the middle of us. I felt betrayed, and the worst part was that he didn't betray me with a woman, but he used his own heart that he used to claim that belonged to me and only me.
It was a lie, it belonged to guilt.
My own heart teared apart and I felt every inch of it as it scarred my soul. I stopped breathing, I can't breathe normally anymore, I've the blood and pain inside my chest that won't allow me to take deep breathes without feeling His presence.
That's why I left him, and came back to my own kingdom, my fortress of constant pain, it still hurts but at least I'm protected.
The worst part of having to face everyone was the pity in their eyes that reflected the pity I had for myself: I'm the fairy tale that failed, the poor princess that had duties and responsibilities to fulfil and let it all go for love. It sounds romantic, but it failed. Now I'm just the inconsequent brat that was selfish enough to ignore everyone's claims and followed her own whims.
Failure has a nice way of changing perspectives, the feelings weren't weak, people were. I was. I am.
Could have I fought? Against whom? Myself? Him? Against what? When he stopped listening even though I tried to warn him that we were falling apart, he wouldn't believe me… " things in my head" that's what he called them, even when I left, he didn't believe me... or maybe he didn't care. "I can't fight for us both" that's what I used to tell him, but he didn't hear me… He didn’t hear us tearing apart. I did.