I don't remember anymore.
and I write as I tremble

FRIGHT is the hell. It's fearing. Everything. Especially yourself.

This is not you.
It's the fear that is controlling you.
Don't let it tame you.
Suffering is your enemy. Suffering is fearing.
There's nothing stronger, more evil, than fear. Fear. Fear., It consumed my self, and I am TERRIFIED.
Yes. I admit. You are terrifying me, fear. I let you consume every my emotion. I am nothing more but your slave. I'm under your posses right now.
But, fear,
please, please, know who you are dealing with... I know, I may sound arrogant, so much that I may terrify You, but that is not my intention. I just want peace. Peace with you. I want to give my every sorry to you, but, please, help me to free my self from you, cause down, deeply, I know, that I need your help. I've always needed you, never could I become real alone. Thank you, fear. Thanks for the opportunities, for the occasiones I can learn from. I know you are my teacher, and I will be let so much stronger because of you. But now, please, I need your help.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry I've suffocated in you. I'm so sorry I let my emotions control my Soul. I AM SORRY I let You, and anger, led my heart to get broken. I'm sorry I let all the myseries of Hell torture my Soul.
I admit, I get angry every time someone ignores the Soul that I am, and I fall in a deep, deep hell hole.
No, you are not your emotions.
No, you aren't the people around you.
And no, you aren't situations that surround you, you are more.
You are love, and it can't be measured, described, or... Tamed. Love is never tamed. That's where you, Evil, will never come to.
Remember, you are not any description with which someone tries to define you, including, especially, yourself.
You are not your mind. Do Not forget that. You. Are. Not. Emotions. LOOK at yourself, love, yes! You're LOVE!!!