Two weeks ago, I bought myself a pair of boots. I saw them in a magazine and fell in love with them. They kinda looked like Doc Martens boots, but the had silver glitter all over them.

I wore them a few times but I never did in school.

I thought a lot about wearing them today in school. I worried that the others maybe do not like them, or maybe even say mean things to me. Now that I think about it, it sounds ridiculous.

When I arrived at school, most of the people did not even recognize that I had new shoes. And when they did, almost all of them gave me a compliment, or even asked me where they are from, so they could maybe find some similar ones.
Only one boy said: Why do you always have to be so extra?

But you know what? At the end of the day I did not even care about it. Not about his comment and neither about the compliments. What others think about you is not important at all. Do what you want to do, and what you like. Your decisions shouldn't be affected by the opinions of others.

Be proud of yourself, and of your decisions.