1) maldives

beach, sun, and Maldives image
truly the best place i've ever been to and i'd trade anything to go back. would recommend to anyone but can be quite expensive depending on flights, resorts etc..

2) new york

city, new york, and sky image
hands down my favourite city i've ever been to, beautiful every season of the year.

3) singapore

blue, pink, and sunset image
the culture is amazing (as is the weather). not to mention the hundreds of landscapes you can visit. hotels are amazing and if you ever go, don't miss out on universal studios !!

4) borneo

beautiful, colors, and landscape image
borneo is one of singapore's neighboring islands. it was an amazing experience and the sunsets were to die for. such a beautiful place.

5) mexico

happy place, paradise, and méxico image
although i have heard mexico is quite dangerous, i've also been told how incredible it is too. i would to go and see the beauties of mexico myself if i ever get the chance. i feel like the weather would be amazing.

6) florida

florida, summer, and happygirl image
florida is one of the top places on my bucket list of where i'd love to travel. i've heard and read so many great things about it.

7) dubai

abu dhabi, architecture, and beautiful image
dubai is literally another planet. its culture it amazing, the weather is hot and the hotels are great. i really liked the area i went to so if you're planning to go, make sure you go somewhere friendly and nothing scam-like.

8) venice

venezia image
i've never been but id loooove to go. i feel like it would be appropriate with a partner when i'm older which would be so cute but i have no intention of visiting it any time soon. seems like such a beautiful city.

9) paris

country, light, and night image
ive been to paris for sports tournaments and once with my family when i was younger but ideally, i'd love to go with a future partner when im older which would be quite romantic :')

10) thailand

Andaman sea, beach, and thailand image
last but not least, i put thailand. this is because it's always been a big wish of mine to go as one of my favourite resorts is based there and the food seems incredible. some things i would do if i ever went to thailand would be: island hopping, visting landmarks, go to a spa, go to a water park, go to zoo, take public transport, discover the culture etc..

hope you enjoyed my 10 places id like to visit (again). let me know if i should do another article or add some more places onto here:)