These days having your own style is a way to express yourself, to find what you like or even who you are.

The Grunge / Alternative style was born during the 80s when this musical genre appeared. It is inspired by Heavy Metal, Rock and Punk Hardcore. Nirvana and Pearl Jam supported the genre's popularity hence their huge success, this turned the genre from tune into fashion. This willed their fans into wearing this style of clothing.

† The basics you need in your wardrobe to become a grunge soul would be:

- A flannel jacket (any colour can be used, however the most popular tones are reds and greens.)
- Dark coloured t-shirts or band T-shirts, for a famous example you can turn to Nirvana shirts. To note, depending on the band you have decided to wear must somehow be of some familiarity to you, if it were not you may be ridiculed.
- A vintage, skinny or plain jeans also fit, if you're looking for an alternative vibe look for ripped jeans.

† Now if you wanna be a real grunge soul, here are some little things you should know:

- Grunge people aren't always sad. As there are a lot of others who tend to associate grunge to sad quotes , but it isn't always like that, instead,* a grunge person has a rebel state of mind therefore avoids depression and rolls with a life of fun. Despite this, those who are sad and follow a grunge lifestyle can also play a role in grunge aesthetics. The moral is that you shouldn't forcefully depress yourself for the sake of a lifestyle so, sad aspects of grunge isn't an obligated factor. You choose the way you want to be grunge!
- The Grunge trend isn't emo. This is a common misconception as they are both greatly inspired by Punk, metal and rock. The emo tends to be melancholy but the grunge vibe mostly has the rebel characteristics even though it sometimes gives off a 'fuck life' feel.
- And I recommend you listen to alternative music.

That is about all I have to say, if you happen to disagree or agree on anything on this article I'll be happy to hear what you have to say! I am not a professional in this subject but I've been into the grunge lifestyle for about 3 or 4 years and I've always wanted to share this with people who may be interested too. I hope you will have a chance to find your own style!

Remember to always love yourself and to be yourself ♡
love, Ellie.

(credits: my best friend @Magnoufique helped me on this article so I highly recommend you to follow her, or at least to check her we♥it acc)