Hello hello! tell me wh-STOP

Hi, Oriana writing her first article here. I decided it to be a top 10 songs first, but I couldn't really choose just ten so here we are with fifteen.
A little clarification here, I'm absolutely not saying that these are the ultimate best bangtan songs, they are just my favourite.
Can you find your own favourite here?

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15. Tomorrow
14. Save Me
× Taehyung's hair on that mv #blessed
13. Boy In Luv
12. Pied Piper
11. Boy Meets Evil

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10. Spinebreaker
× oldie but goodie
9. House of Cards
8. 21st Century Girl
7. Ma City

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5. Cypher Pt. 4
× The first Cypher I listened, so epic.
4. MIC Drop
× My unofficial Cypher, love it everytime.
3. Cypher Pt. 3

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rude. Are you still alive? I don't know if I can go on.

2. Blood Sweat & Tears
× The song that made me fall into this kpop world and I never got out. Thank you.
1. Baepsae // Silver Spoon
× My song. It's fun, catchy and the choreography is life. I just love watching them having fun and enjoying themselves, and I feel that baepsae does that.

Special Mention: Not Today, Run, Attack On Bangtan, Jump, Fire, Dimple, Dead Leaves, I NEED U guuurl

Ugh I should do a top 30 next time.